Customers' Comments on Eagnas Challenger 1 stringing machine

  1. My Challenger I stringing machine has been outstanding over the past 4+ years.

    G. Martineau, U.S.A., January 1, 2016

  2. In 2007, I purchased an Eagnas Challenger Stringing machine. It has served well. Thanks.

    A. Reoutt, U.S.A., July 28, 2015

  3. I bought my Challenger stringing machine 2 years ago and it has worked fine.

    V. Kroll, U.S.A., June 19, 2015

  4. I received my eagnas challenger I machine yesterday and it seem great.

    G. Swierczek, U.S.A., January 29, 2015

  5. Received the machine last week, did a few string jobs - all good so far, very happy.

    I. Tolmachev, Australia, December 28, 2014

  6. I have been used my challenger I for a few year. The machine is great no problem even very small maintenance and do the work perfect.

    P. F Rivera, U.S.A., Febraury 24, 2014

    this machine is built strong, easy to use . I string my family's racquets often w it. I dont need a more expensive machine. This is a great machine.

    E. Ullman, U.S.A., October 28, 2013

  7. I've been using the Challenger I for more than 3 yrs. and have strung over 150 racquets. Very sturdy and well built machine. Well worth the money.

    G. Pavan, U.S.A., April 19, 2013

  8. I purchased a challenger I from you few years ago. It worked great.

    S. H Lo, U.S.A., February 15, 2013

  9. I bought a stringing machine the Challenger I in April 2009. I love the performance of the machine and the quality of it. Thank you, Happy Holidays.

    J. Petersson, U.S.A., December 30, 2012

  10. I like this Challenger 1 machine. I used this machine for 2-3 years.

    J. Pipin, U.S.A., August 21, 2012

  11. I have been using this Challenger 1 machine for about 4 years and it has been great. Have strung 100+ times and it has never failed.

    This is a solid machine and simple to use.

    J. Plavnicky, U.S.A., April 28, 2012

  12. I bought a challenger and it has been very good. I am a fan of your products and have told many people of your stringer!

    N. Shah, U.S.A., April 4, 2012

  13. I have a Challenger I model stringing machine that I bought a few years back. Love the machine by the way, and it is perfect for my needs.

    M. Baranowski, U.S.A., April 3, 2012

  14. I received the Challenger I machine and everything looks good.

    P. Desautels, U.S.A., August 5, 2011

  15. I ordered a Challenger I stringing machine from you on July 19, 2010 and have been very pleased with the machine.

    M. Lessard, U.S.A., July 12, 2011

  16. I bought a stringing machine (Challenger I) at 2008 from you. It works very good. I really like the machine.

    F. Sun, U.S.A., June 23, 2011

  17. I am writing about order Challenger 1 machine which was shipped to me. I received the stringing machine and have started using it and am very happy with it.

    C. Dias, U.S.A., April 10, 2011

  18. I purchased Challenger I since August 28, 2010. I am enjoying the challenger I.

    N. Shah, U.S.A., November 15, 2010

  19. I bought a Challenger stringer a few weeks ago. The machine is great and works really well.

    J. Pipin, U.S.A., October 11, 2010

  20. Yesterday I received my package, everything was good. I ordered Challenger 1 stringing machine.

    Bob Tubic, U.S.A., October 9, 2010

  21. I order one of your Challenger I stringing machines back in April and I absolutely love it.

    D. Weston, U.S.A., September 5, 2010

  22. I purchased an Eagnas Challenger I stringing machine back in March. I am very happy with my purchase everything works very well.

    O. Garcia, U.S.A., June 3, 2010

  23. I am Dmitry Fedorin from St. Petersburg, Russia. I ordered a string machine Challenger I. I wish to thank you. On April 02 and April 14 I have received boxes of a parcel which you have sent. From you to me is half of globe but the parcel has reached me in the excellent condition, all parts of the machine are in an excellent condition, it works remarkably! Since April, 15 I have pulled seven racquets and Challenger I works perfectly!

    D. Fedorin, Russia, April 30, 2010

  24. I just recieved my challenger I this week. I am very pleased with my unit. The challenger one is great and I am satisfied with it. Thank you for your help.

    T. Cassidy, U.S.A.,March 7, 2010

  25. Iíve owned the Eagnas Challenger 1 stringing machine for just a month now and have strung five racquets. Over all I am pleased with the purchase and would recommend this machine to anyone looking for a high quality machine for personal use. The Challenger 1 offers exceptional value.

    Assembly was 90% smooth and painless. The one issue I had was with the cast support for the tension arm. It is a rough iron casting and is not machined on critical surfaces at the factory, resulting in a cock-eye pivot axis on my unit. I removed the support and hand filed the bottom surface where it contacts the base. Upon reinstallation, I needed to shim under the inside edge with stiff sandpaper to achieve a square orientation. Problem solved. This is a solid, heavy duty unit that I expect to last for decades.

    The mounting system and string clamps work solidly. They are simple to adjust at the string and base. The six-point mounting system works great. The ball bearing pivot for the table is rock solid and smooth. The string gripper on the tensioning arm is smooth and easy to use. Thereís some crushing of the string, but this is normal.

    Eagnas has produced a terrific bag for the buck machine here.

    E. Ewald, U.S.A., February 19, 2010

  26. I received my new Challenger I stringing machine Friday. It arrived in good condition and assembly went smoothly. I strung an old racquetball racquet for practice and the machine operated very well. Thanks! I'll write back with feedback once I've strung a few tennis racquets.

    E. Ewald, U.S.A.,February 9, 2010

  27. I got the challenger 1 today assembled it and have string an old racket, nice machine for the price. Strung 3rd racket and getting familiar with the dropweight w linear gripper.

    R. Dangoy, U.S.A., November 5, 2009

  28. I like my Challenger 1. Thank you,

    B. Cole, U.S.A., September 1, 2009

  29. Thank you, I recieved the challenger I yesterday and it works great... thanks for shipping it so fast...

    J. Dowey, U.S.A., June 18, 2009

  30. Thanks for helping me yesterday with my new Challenger I. I have mechanics experience. The racket strung very easily, smoothly, quickly. I love this machine. My appreciation,

    B. Cole, U.S.A., March 7, 2009

  31. This is in regards to the Challenger 1 I bought in 2007. It is working fine and I am very satisfied with it.

    A. Chandran, U.S.A., January 28, 2009

  32. I own a Challenger 1 drop weight stringer purchased directly from you several years ago. It has performed great and I love the machine.

    J. Zaborsky, U.S.A., January 21, 2009

  33. I received the Challemger I machine today. It arrived Brazil in good condition and is working fine. Taxes where ok. Thank`s for the atention and good customer service. We will deal again.

    A. Ribeiro, Brazil, January 20, 2009

  34. I have revieced the Challenger 1 I recently ordered and everything appears to have arrived safely. I was able to assemble the machine over the weekend...

    K. Lam, U.S.A., January 18, 2009

  35. I received the Challenger 1 machine today, and I really like it.

    R. Ramos, U.S.A., December 16, 2008

  36. I purchased the Challenger I table top machine about a year ago and overall I am very satisfied with it. Can it be converted to a free standing model with a stand?

    M. Akker, U.S.A., May 30, 2008

  37. Well, I just finished stringing my first ever racquet and I must say that I am extremely pleased with the performance of the Challenger I stringing machine... an excellent product at an excellent price.

    G. MacDonald, Canada, January 8, 2008

  38. I bought this machine (Challenger I) for personal use. I got it home this year, January 2007. I could be happy about getting my rackets the way I wanted, consistently.

    L. Enache, U.S.A., June 25, 2007

  39. Dear Maxline, I recently purchased the Challanger I and everything is working fine. I was wondering if the Hawk electronic tension head will fit on the Challenger I and if it does, what is the cost of the Hawk tension head. I might upgrade next year. thanks,

    R. Yoon, U.S.A., June 6, 2007

  40. Dear Maxline, I received my replacement gripper yesterday and its working fine. Thank you for sending that out to me. I would like to thank Ingrid especially who helped me to order the Challenger I and with helping me over the phone with the warranty work. She deserves a raise. I strung one racquet so far and I am very pleased with the machine. Thank you!!

    R. Yoon, U.S.A., May 30, 2007

  41. Folks: I recently received your Challenger I machine, which looks to be of excellent quality.

    E. Nieubuurt, U.S.A., April 8, 2007

  42. I purchased your Challenger 1 tennis racquet stringer a few weeks ago. It is working great. My question is, can I string racquetball racquets with this stringer? The clamps seem a little big for the racquetball racquets. Do you sell clamps for stringing racquetball racquets? I was wondering because a friend of mine was asking about it. Thank you.

    G. Sears, U.S.A., February 1, 2007

  43. I recently received my new stringing machine Challenger I on Invoice 6120488... The Challenger I seems like a very fast and accurate machine.

    R. Warden, U.S.A., December 15, 2006

  44. Thanks for replying. I was at your warehouse today and purchased the Challenger I. Thanks again for a great machine at a great price.

    O. Orellana, U.S.A., November 2, 2006

  45. I have received the required pieces yesterday in the afternoon. I have used the machine (Challenger 1) and everything work great. Thank you very much.

    A. Chiauzzi, Italy, February 9, 2006

  46. I received my new Challenger I machine last week. The quality and solid contruction are very impressive and I am very pleased with the purchase. The clamps are also the best I've seen.

    J. Zaborsky, U.S.A., August 15, 2005