Customers' Comments on Eagnas DEN-3600 stringing machine

  1. Hi, I bought one of your portable stringing machines DEN 3600 about 10 years ago. I started playing tennis again seriously and have been stringing racquets for many people.

    H. Vien, U.S.A., October 13, 2009

  2. Thank you for the quick reply. Wow, not only do you ship fast, you also reply fast! Thanks for confirming the status on both of the items. I feel much better now.

    By the way, when I got the Combo 810 stringer, I was too excited to wait to try it out. So i strung a racket last night and coming from a drop weight (Eagnas DEN-3600 used for over 15 years with no problems, great quality machine) i couldn't be more pleased.

    The first thing I did after the quick and easy assembly of a few parts, was to calibrate the tension using your nice little tension calibrator.

    next, i broke into the complimentary Eagnas Perfect Spin 16 gauge string that you provided.... havent' hit with it, but just in handling it, it is nice and supple with a bit of texture on the spiral wrap. again i followed the instructions on stringing (a few additional steps with the glide bar lock, swivel clamps, and tension head release vs. a drop weight and floating clamps) but once i got the hang of the steps, it became easy, much easier to get right, since with a drop weight sometimes you need multiple pulls and string grabs to get the right tension. with the manual crank, just grasp the string in the jaws, and crank until you hear the 'snap' of the lock and you're good to go! on the first try, every time, all the time. huge time saver, and much better consistency in tension, especially combined with the firm grasping all metal clamps. i use to get a tad bit of slip and string movement using the cool looking purple and yellow nylon and black metal floating clamps. after one racket, i feel like a pro.

    besides that, great build quality, i'm sure it'll last just as long as my DEN-3600, and a real pleasure to use. if it weren't so late, i probably would've strung more rackets, i was having that much fun.

    by the way, how much is a reel of your kevlar string? does it have a rough texture (like Ashaway brand) or is it smoother (like Prince).

    Thank you!

    K. Angela, U.S.A., May 16, 2008

  3. I have been stringing for 12 years on an Eagnas DEN-3200, and have strung several hundred rackets (mostly squash) for my friends and family in that time.

    P. Heneghan, United Kingdom, September 12, 2005

  4. Hi, I have an Eagnas model DEN-3600 stringing machine and I have been happy with it.

    J. Tremba, U.S.A., April 22, 2005

  5. I have been using a Eagnas Den-3600 for about 6-7 yrs, It has been great! It still works fine! I was interested in a Electronic portable,.. I string about 20 tennis rackets and 50 squash rackets a year.

    D. Giles, United ingdom, April 20, 2004

  6. Hello and thank you for your prompt shipment. I received the DEN 3600 today. It is in perfect shape...You are WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so much!!! I am really happy now and looking forward to doing my first stringing job.

    J. Salem, U.S.A., June 5, 2003

  7. i have a Den-3600 model stringing machine which has been a wonderful machine.

    S. Pelak, U.S.A., May 7, 2003

  8. The DEN-3600 tennis stringing machine has worked very well and easily for me. Thank you for such a good product.

    S. Pelak, U.S.A., January 13, 2003

  9. I have a DEN-3600. It is great!.

    S. Wirth, U.S.A., January 11, 2003

  10. Received my DEN-3600 on Friday. I used it on my first racket and it is more machine than I imagined. It is top quality, a real pleasure to use.

    J. Ehlenbeck, U.S.A., November 24, 2002

  11. I've got an older Eagnas table-top machine--I think it's the DEN 3600 or something close to it--and it has served me beautifully. Over the years, I've done scores of jobs on my rackets with it.

    R. Griswold, U.S.A., April 7, 2002

  12. I have an Eagnas tabletop, drop weight stringing machine (DEN-3600) that I bought about 8 or 9 years ago. The machine has been great and I have definitely received plenty of use from it.

    D. Smith, U.S.A., April 30, 2001

  13. How are you? I hope you remember that I purchased the stringing machine (DEN-3600A) which is very good...

    T. Barretto, Saudi Arabia, October 12, 2000

  14. I'd like to order the following stringing tools - got a machine from you last spring and it's wonderful (DEN-3600).

    E. DeFrancia, U.S.A., October 8, 2000

  15. I purchased an Eagnas DEN-3600A Stringing Machine approximately 2 months ago and used it with satisfaction...

    T. Combs, U.S.A., May 21, 2000

  16. I have received the stringing machine DEN-3600 which was sent to my friend in Louisainne. It looks solid and good. Thank you once again for all your help.

    T. Barretto, Saudi Arabia, August 6, 2000

  17. In Oct. 1999 I purchased the Den 3600 stringing machine. So far I really like the machine.

    K. Richardson, U.S.A., April 19, 2000

  18. Thank you for sending my new Den 3600A stringing machine it sure is sturdy, much nicer than my old machine a klippermate.

    S. Rodrigues, U.S.A., April 21, 1999

  19. I bought an Eagnas Den 3600 m/c off of you a couple of years ago and it has been great.

    G. Crabb, U.S.A., July 4, 1998