Customers' Comments on Eagnas DEN-6000 stringing machine

  1. I bought a DEN-6000 stringing machine from your company last year. I think this model is great.

    R. Kent, U.S.A., June 17, 1994

  2. About two years ago I purchased a used Eagnas stringer (DEN-6000)... The stringer works great,

    S. Buchanan, U.S.A., December 6, 1998

  3. I like it (DEN-6000A) very much. It is fantastic. I already strung the racquet on it...

    S. Chwatuk, U.S.A., August 30, 2000

  4. I am interested in purchasing the HAWK 800 but currently I own a Eagnas DEN-6000 that is in perfect condition.

    J. Johnson, U.S.A., June 4, 2002