Customers' Comments on Eagnas Flash 565 stringing machine

  1. I like your products. This machine Flash 565 is very nice. It is beautiful.

    J. Fuller, U.S.A., February 28, 2016

  2. I purchased one of your Eagnas Flash 565 machines in November 2004. This has been a great machine for home use and I have used it with great success to re-string all the tennis racquets for my active 4-person tennis playing family. The machine has held up superbly given the usage.

    I. Boucher, U.S.A., April 19, 2010

  3. I purchased one of your Eagnas Flash 565 Stringing Machines in November last year and have been quite happy with its functionality and performance.

    I. Boucher, U.S.A., May 3, 2005