Customers' Comments on Eagnas Flex 740 stringing machine

  1. I purchased a flex 740 machine from you many years ago. I like it, and it has been a good machine.

    R. Okamoto, U.S.A., March 8, 2016

  2. I purchased a Flex 740 in 2010 and have been pleased with the ease of use and performance.

    T. Gilbert, U.S.A., July 31, 2015

  3. A few years ago I bought a Flex 740 stringing machine form you and I was very happy with its performance.

    A. Wiezel, U.S.A., September 16, 2009

  4. I just purchased the Flex 740. I wanted to compliment your sales, particularly Victor. I ordered from him, called back to add to, and so forth. He was pleasant and answered my concerns from articles (both positive & negative) addressing this machine and your company. Only time will tell.

    M. Ogden, U.S.A., September 12, 2009

  5. I have received Flex 740 and strung my 2 racquets with different strings and in different tensions already. Based on my first time experience, your Flex 740 works much better than my expectation. It is so easy to handle that I am afraid I will re-string my racquets too frequently. I really enjoy using it.

    T. Zhu, U.S.A., September 11, 2009

  6. I purchased from your shop an Eagnas Flex 740 stringing machine 3 years ago. It provides 3 years of very good service.

    F. Sy-Siong, Hong Kong, August 23, 2009

  7. I have the Flex 740 for over 4 years. We string about 25 racquets a month. Every parts is good. The string job is good. We do not have any problem. I want to upgrade to the electronic machine. A few days ago I went to the Gardena warehouse to pick up the Combo 3800. Victor even showed me how to operate. The tension pull is constant and precise. I love this machine.

    F. Aragone, U.S.A., January 31, 2009

  8. The Flex 740 stringing machine works great. I will be posting a pretty good review of the machine on your web and the string forrum webpage.

    P. Le, U.S.A., October 21, 2008

  9. Thank you for such quick reply and clarification, I will let you know if I have more question on stringing later. So far I like the quality of Flex 740 and good service your compary has provided.

    B. Chen, U.S.A., September 5, 2008

  10. Hello, I purchased Flex 740 stringing machine several years ago. It has been serving its purpose pretty well.

    D. Vinokur, U.S.A., July 29, 2008

  11. I purchased an EAgnas Flex 740 machine last week, and it arrived yesterday. I strung one racquet with it and it performed quite well.

    E. Phillips, U.S.A., July 16, 2008

  12. A few years ago, I purchased a flex 740 model from your company. I have been very happy with it since it arrived.

    J. Kolenich, U.S.A., June 10, 2008

  13. Hi, just read your FAQ on your website. How much is the electronic tension head for the Flex 740? I just bought the drop weight Flex 740 2 weeks ago. It's works very well but like to electronic pull option.

    T. Phan, U.S.A., June 2, 2008

  14. I've had your Flex 740 drop weight machine for about a year now.. and love it.

    Andrew, U.S.A., May 15, 2008

  15. I purchased your Eagnas flex 740 several years ago, the machine has worked very well...

    L. Henderson, U.S.A., May 10, 2008

  16. I own the Flex 740 and am very happy with it. I am inquiring about possibly retrofitting an electric tension head to it to speed up my string jobs. I've looked on the website and it appears that you have a few to choose from.

    A. Perella, U.S.A., April 28, 2008

  17. I recently obtained the Eagnas Flex 740 racquet stringer and was hoping for some technical assistance.

    J. Sipe, U.S.A., April 4, 2008

  18. My parents bought me my first machine in 1982 to reduce my training expenses. Since then I have owned and used MANY different machines from simple portables to heavy electronic pro-grade models at clubs that I have coached at.

    The Flex 740 is probably the best value for money I have seen as long as you dont intend to use it professionally to string dozens of rackets each day for years on end. If you want it for personal use or for a few string jobs each week I anticipate the build quality lasting you a loooong time. The racket mounting is the equal of $2K+ models and the clamps are so easy to manipulate.

    Came home from my morning coaching session a few minutes after 1pm, ate lunch, opened the boxes, set-up the newly arrived machine and strung one of my rackets in time for my afternoon coaching session at 3pm. I have only strung a dozen rackets in the week since it arrived, but its so solid I cant envision any problems unless my teen son throws the weight back forcefully and repeatedly in a vain attempt to break the world speed record . Best $220 I have ever spent! Well done Maxline.

    S. Quaynor, U.S.A., November 10, 2007

  19. Got home from my morning coaching session to find machine (FLEX 740). All in order. Am experienced stringer so you shouldnt receive any further harrassment on this order.

    Just FYI, everything OK, just finished a racket in time for my aftenoon session. Setting up machine childs play. Would've prefered straight awl rather than right angle awl, but no prob, I can manage. Thanks again.

    S. Quaynor, United Kingdom, November 5, 2007

  20. I bought a Flex 740 last year and am very happy with it.

    J. McCarthy, U.S.A., November 3, 2007

  21. I purchased a Flex 740 a couple of years ago and have been very please with the quality and user friendly features.

    J. Knoll, U.S.A., October 29, 2007

  22. I am so glad to have received the shipment (Flex 740) from you. All terms I ordered are in the package and in good shape. I have strung two badminton rackets already without problem so far. Thanks a lot for your great service!

    S. Xia, U.S.A., October 18, 2007

  23. I am very happy with my Flex 740. Everything is working well. I am thinking to get the floor stand. Do you have the floor stand for the Flex 740?

    S. Spiegel, U.S.A., August 20, 2007

  24. Hello Maxline, I received my Eagnas Flex 740 Stringing Machine today. I followed the directions and easily assembled the machine.

    M. Oxendale, U.S.A., June 11, 2007

  25. I received Flex 740 yesterday and it looks great. Thanks.

    P. Chang, U.S.A., November 21, 2006

  26. About 6 months ago, I purchased an Eagnas Flex 740 stringing machine from you. I am VERY HAPPY with it and have strung about 50 racquets.

    T. Malone, U.S.A., November 3, 2006

  27. I purchased one of your stringing machines, the Flex 740 and enjoy using it.

    J. Watkins, U.S.A., November 1, 2006

  28. Hi. I currently have the Eagnas Flex 740. It's a great machine.

    L. Phan, U.S.A., September 19, 2006

  29. Hello, I received my Flex 740 yesterday and am very pleased. It is a better machine than I was expecting for the price. All parts were included and I have strung my first racquet with the new machine. The machine worked as well and better than expected. For the record, I have been stringing for 30 years and have strung thousands of racquets. the stringing machine is solidly built, I had nothing to fear. Any way, I am pleased with the machine ... keep up the good work. Cheers ....

    T. Malone, Canada, May 19, 2006

  30. Hello, I own an Eagnas Flex 740. It has served me well for many years.

    N. Rao, U.S.A., April 26, 2006

  31. I purchased your EAGNAS Flex 740 Stringing Machine and your ST-200C1 case. Everything arrived in good order and we are quite happy with the equipment.

    L. R. daSilva, U.S.A., April 11, 2006

  32. Thanks again... Received the stringer (Flex 740) today. Set-up very easy and re-stringed my racquet in about 30 minutes. Work great. Will order more strings later.

    P. Bui, U.S.A., March 21, 2006

  33. we are liking our Flex 740 machine we recently got from you.

    R. Greene, U.S.A., February 14, 2006

  34. Just to let you know, we have used our flex 740 machine to re-string 2 rackets so far and find it works good. We were wondering about replacement grips for our rackets. Thanks for your suggestion and help.

    R. Greene, U.S.A., February 5, 2006

  35. My machine (Flex 740) arrived today. Assembly was simple and I've already strung one racket. This is a terrific machine. I had a drop-weight machine before, but without the clamp and clutch, which make an unbelievable difference. The six-point mounting system is also so much better. Thanks very much for a high quality machine at a terrific price.

    T. Buckland, U.S.A., December 1, 2005

  36. Can you recommend a portable stringer that is lightweight. We have two of your stringers, a great portable (Flex 740) and also a standard stringer, but the portable is taking all the baggage weight allowance, so i wonder if you have a portable in stock which is light but good quality?? Many thanks.

    R. Statham, U.S.A., October 3, 2005

  37. Hello. I got my stringing machine (Flex 740) today. Everything looks great. Thanks,

    L. Phan, U.S.A., September 29, 2005

  38. Thanks for the prompt shipping. After some drama with UPS, it was finally delivered on Saturday. Already strung 2 racquets, and played this morning. Very nice machine (Flex 740). I would be happy to be used as a positive referral if you would like. Thanks again,

    J. Kolacki, U.S.A., August 29, 2005

  39. I received my Flex 740 yesterday. It worked great. Already strung two racquets. Thanks.

    G. Sonoda, U.S.A., August 25, 2005

  40. The machine (Flex 740) arrived yesterday afternoon and looks good, although I have not had a chance to try it out yet. Very easy to assemble.

    U. Bell, U.S.A., July 6, 2005

  41. The "FLEX 740" which I ordered arrived. It was easy to use it than the machine which I used so far. I liked "FLEX 740".

    M. Yoshikawa, Japan, April 25, 2005

  42. Thanks, I received it (Flex 740) after the email went off. The machine appeared to be well made and I strung the first racquet w/o problem. Thanks.

    J. H. Chen, U.S.A., April 19, 2005

  43. I have a Flex 740 machine and have used it for lots of badminton stringings.

    R. Okamoto, Canada, April 12, 2005

  44. My seventeen year old, has ordered another stringer (Flex 740) through you. this is his second one, the big one is great.

    R. Statham , U.S.A., March 19, 2005

  45. I just wanted to say, "thanks", for saving me a lot of money. I received the Flex 740 stringing machine in December and love it. It is half the price of Gamma's comparable model and functions as good if not better. I will definitely recommend this machine to players at upcoming tournaments. Thanks,

    S. Humiston, U.S.A., January 9, 2005

  46. Hello. I received my new Flex 740 over a week ago and absolutely love it--thank you for such a great value.

    J. Woodruff, Canada, December 30, 2004

  47. He would love any of those in that order. The company is in CA. I bought him a stringing machine (Flex 740) on his last birthday through this co & he loves it. He restrings our rackets all the time. He really enjoys it & really wants the above tools.

    D. Barchek , U.S.A., November 29, 2004

  48. I 've purchased a Flex 740 from you approximately 2 years ago which came with 2 PN-1002 clamps. I am very happy with the machine.

    E. Toksoz, U.S.A., October 5, 2004

  49. Can you recommend a stand for your Flex-740 portable machine? I've been very happy with the machine but would like to have a stand for home use.

    C. Otts, U.S.A., May 19, 2004

  50. I have this date (12Apr04) discussed with you the EAGNAS Flex 740, at a price of $239.00. I explained to you that I purchased a Silent Partner Swing, and am dissatisfied with it because of the difficulty of operation in using the tensioning/string gripper. My experience with the Silent Partner Swing:

    I used the SP Swing to string four racquets, and was not pleased with it's operation. Specifically, I did not like the manual effort (strength) required to hold the string gripper while releasing the clutch to gain a new grip on the string. Also, the gripper had sharp edges which added to the discomfort, and made the necessary, repeated gripping even more uncomfortable. I eventually had to wear a soft leather glove on my left had to ease the discomfort enough to complete stringing. This was inconvenient, as I had to constantly remove, and replace the glove.

    The Swing does seem to be solidly built. I like the adjustable legs which allow leveling. It also has a nice compliment of spacers, and retainers. Tools included are minimal - awl, allen wrenches, and needle nose pliers, enough to get the job done, but a side cutting pliers would be nice, and is eventually essential.

    K. Boland, U.S.A., April 12, 2004

  51. Last month I purchased the Flex 740 stringing machine from you. I have only had the chance to string one racquet but so far the machine works great.

    S. Maskol, U.S.A., March 3, 2004

  52. I strung my racquet and love the machine (Flex 740).

    T. Schurman, U.S.A., January 28, 2004

  53. I received Flex 740 last Friday. Thank you.

    T. Minemoto, Japan, January 19, 2004

  54. I just wanted to say, "thanks", for saving me a lot of money. I received the Flex 740 stringing machine in December and love it. It is half the price of Gamma's comparable model and functions as good if not better. I will definitely recommend this machine to players at upcoming tournaments. Thanks,

    S. Humiston, U.S.A., January 9, 2004

  55. Hi, I ordered a flex 740 Stringer for a Christmas Present... This is a great stringer. Thanks

    Kmmi, U.S.A., January 2, 2004

  56. I'm very happy with the new stringing machine (Flex 740) I picked up...

    G. Garcia, U.S.A., December 31, 2003

  57. Today, I received Flex 740 set and Starting Clamp PP600 via surface parcel mail. I thank you.

    Akihiko A., Japan, December 20, 2003

  58. I string several racquets a day as a side job and have updated my machine so I can do it faster. The Flex 940 is well worth the money and the new clamps are great as long as I use them with the springs. The center cap is a nice cosmetic touch and makes the clamps look better thus the machine even more professional. I string for a lot of players every week and produce a superior stringing job. It is even better than our highly touted local club.

    R. Streeter, U.S.A., September 29, 2003

  59. Thanks! The marchine (Flex 740) arrived here right after I send you the mail. Everything is O.K. I feel so happy.

    S. Kim, Korea, September 24, 2003

  60. I purchased a Hawk 740 stringer from you this year in January. After a lot of shopping I picked it because it seemed like a great value for the money. I have been pleased with performance of the stringer.

    D. Barchek, U.S.A., May 27, 2003

  61. I received the merchandise (Flex 740) last Saturday and I have already strung a racket. It did work fantastic. Thank you very much.

    Y. Otani, Japan, April 7, 2003

  62. Thank you for the response. I have used the stringing machine(flex 740) and strung succefully two racquets already. One thing that I regret not ordering is the TCG-100 Tension Calibration Gauge (Calibrator), so I can periodically check the callibration of the Flex-740.

    D. Leonardos, U.S.A., March 26, 2003

  63. I received my package (Flex 740) last Tuesday. All parts of the stringing machine, including all the individual small boxes and protective styrofoam and plastic had no sing of any damage. I assembled the stringing machine following the instructions without any problem. Everything else looks fine and I am pleased with the quality of the machine.

    D. Leonardos, U.S.A., March 13, 2003

  64. I recently purchased a flex 740 stringer from you. I find the unit to be very good and gives very consistent string jobs. I would like to purchase a pair of badminton/squash clamps as this may make it quicker to string badminton racquets.

    R. Okamoto, Canada, March 4, 2003

  65. I received the Flex 740 stringer yesterday. It looks great.

    B. Snoddy, U.S.A., January 23, 2003

  66. Hi. I ordered the Eagnas Flex 740 as well as some stringing tools on 1/15/03. Thanks for the prompt shipment. Received it yesterday. It's quality contruction at a reasonable price for someone like me who only strings rackets for his own family. The User's Manual is quite helpful although certainly not extensively detailed. Good enough though. The machine was easily assembled and works well... The person I talked to on the phone was helpful when I ordered... Good luck with your business, I sure like stringing my own.

    B. Hertzog, U.S.A., January 22, 2003

  67. Since time I've bought machine (Flex 740) I strung more than enough racquets in order to say machine works fine and you can add to Customer' comments one more line from me. I would recommend this machine to friends.

    M. Smolensky, U.S.A., November 22, 2002

  68. Thank you for the reply. About a week ago, I had received the Flex 740 string machine and the string tool ST-106 which were ordered via Ann/Maxline. I had stringed my tennis racquet first time successfully with this string machine. It went well except taking a bit longer than two hours to complete my first racquet. I do like the Flex 740 machine.

    Alex, U.S.A., November 18, 2002

  69. I got the machine (Flex 740) last Friday. It did not take long to assemble, looks good and almost ready for work.

    M. Smolensky, U.S.A., September 23, 2002

  70. I received shipment of my Flex 740, thank you! I'm beginning to use it now.

    C. Chow, U.S.A., August 12, 2002