Customers' Comments on Eagnas Flex 865 and Flex 865S stringing machines

  1. We bought this Flex 865 stringing machine from was great for 3 year+. Thx again.

    P. Van, U.S.A., April 5, 2017

  2. I bought a Flex 865 few years ago for my tennis stringing, and it works very well and I like it very much!

    P. Xue, U.S.A., December 10, 2015

  3. happy with machine (flex 865) I should of stuck with the flex 940 just simpler but all ok item came in two shipments whjich was a bit worrying as items arrived on different days.

    M. Ilic, Australia, December 17, 2009

  4. I have received the Flex 865S machine at the beginning of Feb 2009. It is working fine.

    Now I have introduced Eagnas brand's stringing machine and your website to many of my friends in New Zealand.

    J. Hii, New Zealand, August 4, 2009

  5. I bought a stringing machine (Flex 865S) last year in June when I was on a holiday trip in LA. Came over to your warehouse to collect it. Machine was working fine back in Singapore.

    K. Yeo, Singapore, May 31, 2009

  6. Yesterday night when i was stringing my racket with Flex 865. I was quite please with the first racket i strung...

    W. Toh, U.S.A., December 23, 2008

  7. I just would like to thank you. I received my Flex 865 stringing machine last thursday, and it is working properly. Evething is great.

    J. Cecilia, Canada, September 10, 2007

  8. I purchased the eagnes Flex 865 stringing machine from you a couple of years ago. I am very happy with the product but i would like to test the machine for tension accuracy since it's been a few years.

    P. Ho, U.S.A., August 20, 2007

  9. I am the proud owner of a Flex 865 and am look into upgrading. I have been looking at some of the machines and have a question.

    R. Bley, U.S.A., May 12, 2007

  10. I just received the Flex865 today 05/09/2007. Everything went well.

    S Maikoksoong, U.S.A., May 10, 2007

  11. Hi, I purchased a Flex 865S machine from you approximately 6 weeks ago. I love the rack, mount system. I've put a good word in to many tournament players parents and other potential buyers about your machines being the best for the money.

    C. Walton, U.S.A., July 26, 2006

  12. This springtime I bought from you an electronic tension head with LED digital display. I must start by saying I'm happy with it and works great. I've strung over 100 rackets since and I had no complains.

    G. POP, Romania, July 9, 2006

  13. Hello: some time ago my son and I purchased an eagnas electronic tabletop machine (Flex 865, it has a 6 point system, and works well).

    P. Reni, U.S.A., June 7, 2006