Customers' Comments on Eagnas Hawk 15 stringing machine

  1. By the way, I already picked up the item (Hawk 15) at the local UPS store. Thanks for email. Now I have item. I am happy with your products...

    J. Kim, Canada, April 12, 2006

  2. Hi, I have ordered and received Hawk 15, bag, and 12 EB85 badminton strings. The machine works fine.

    M. Chao, U.S.A., October 31, 2006

  3. I purchased a HAWK-15 badminton stringing machine (No. DC-595) in Feb 2005. I have made very good use of this machine and feel that it is excellent value. I have misplaced my membership number but am hoping that you can quote me the membership price for the following:

    C. D. Keefe, Ph.D., Canada, November 20, 2006

  4. I just wanted to let you know that I finally got a good racket strung successfully. The string feels great and I'll probably use your string in the future. Also, the practice shuttles are a lot better now that I cleaned them up a bit. I'm sorry about the way I came across before, but I was just anxious to learn how to use the machine (Hawk 15).

    E. Likens, U.S.A., February 15, 2008