Customers' Comments on Eagnas Hawk 880 stringing machine

  1. I have been using my Hawk 880...The string is working out great and I feel I am in better control of my game by stringing my own racquets.

    ken, U.S.A., June 25, 2000

  2. Just bought a Hawk 880. Everything is going fine...

    S. Schnugg, U.S.A., September 4, 2000

  3. About a year ago I purchased an electronic Hawk 880 stringing machine from your business. The machine is working great!

    B. Thompson, The Racquetball Guy, U.S.A., July 13, 2004

  4. My name is B. Thompson and I purchased a Hawk 880 II stringing machine from you a few years ago. I have been very happy with the machine and recieved several inquiries.

    B. Thompson, U.S.A., November 24, 2008