Customers' Comments on Eagnas Neon CX stringing machine

  1. I just purchased a Neon CX and am thoroughly satisfied. Though it looks complicated, with your step by step instructions I found them quite easy to follow and quickly understand my machine. I worked with your employee ANN. She was helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and a pleasure to deal with. She gave me helpful hints and encouraged me that a raw beginner could pick up stringing with a short learning curve. After a few practice runs, I now look forward to each time I get to string one of my racquets. I enjoy my Neon CX so much, that I have told all my friends that I can string for them (for a nominal fee of course). Thank you ANN and Eagnas for ending my days of driving to the stringer, waiting a day or more and then driving back to retrieve my racquet and pay them 12-15 dollars for a possible bad string job, not done at the correct tension. Now I get what I want when I want at the correct tension. I look forward to dealing with you in the future and will recommend your machines to all my friends. Thanks again....A very satisfied customer.......

    J. Le Blanc, U.S.A., December 14, 2001

  2. I have just purchased a second hand Eagnas CX on a stand. Great machine.

    S. Schroeder, U.S.A., April 22, 2003

  3. Hello, it is S. Nagamine. The Neon CX was arrived today. Thank you.

    S. Nagamine, japan, February 28, 2004

  4. I need the internal wiring schematics for my Neon CXS stringer. It has been wonderful for me, Thanks.....A satisfied customer...

    J. LeBlanc, U.S.A., August 7, 2005

  5. I received the Neon CX machine. Thanks for the help!

    W. Rux, U.S.A., January 25, 2009