Customers' Comments on Eagnas Star Y12-3 stringing machine

  1. I purchased a Flash 925 from you guys several years ago, still working great, and am debating about upgrading the clamps and mounting system. I also own an older Star Y12-3 with the preferred mounting system and clamps, but my son loves and uses it, we purchased a stand from you which worked great, so no chance of talking him out of it.

    Barry, U.S.A., September 13, 2009

  2. I interested in the Combo 3800 and had a question on color... and similar to the color of my old Star Y-12-3. I also have a Flash 925 which is also working great, but I miss the spring assisted clamps. It is going in my home entertainment room and the wife was concerned what color it is.

    B. Newell, U.S.A., January 2, 2007

  3. I have owned my eagnas Star y12 for over ten years and am very happy with it...

    R Lam, U.S.A., January 2, 2007

  4. I bought a stringer (Star Y-12) from you 6 years ago and it is still working great. My son would like to take the Star Y-12 over and I have been looking at the Eagnas Flex 840 and wondered which clamps come with it.

    B. Newell, U.S.A., June 19, 2005

  5. I own a Star Y12-3 and have been very happy with it. I am considering moving to a machine with a stand and crank instead of the dropweight table top (like the y12-3 I already have).

    G. Perez, U.S.A., March 8, 2005

  6. We enjoy this machine (Star Y12-3). We use it a lot.

    D. Sparks, U.S.A., January 24, 2005

  7. I have had no complaints with the use of the machine (Star Y12-3) and the job it did. I have, in fact, enjoyed using the stringer primarily because of the type gripper it has. No one in my area has been able to do a better string job than I have with this stringer.

    J. Gleaton, U.S.A., April 3, 2001

  8. In 1995 I bought a stringing machine (Star Y12-3) from you...I am very happy with the stringing machine you sold me.

    E. Kumekawa, New Zealand, December 11, 2000

  9. I have just received the STAR Y12-3 stringing machine. It looks pretty good and sturdy.

    X. Qu, U.S.A., April 5, 2000

  10. I purchased a STAR Y12-3 stringer from you last March. Have strong 40 or so rackets with it, very pleased with the unit...

    B. Newell, U.S.A., Feb. 11, 2000

  11. I recently purchased a STAR Y12-3 machine from you... P.S. The first stringing experience was good (but slow). I am happy with the machine.

    J. D. Binford, U.S.A., January 23, 1999