Eagnas EAG-700 Stringing Machine Comparison Chart

Model Price Four-point, hold-down mounting system with micro-adjustable side-support arms Quick set & release head clamping system Disc brake system 2 Side supports 2 oversized clamps 2 tennis clamps & 2 badminton clamps Step by step illustrated stringing tutorial guide Status
Winn Inc.:
Pro II
$930.00 Yes Yes Yes Plastic stopper Yes Yes No Discontinued,
no reel holder
$679.00 only $489.00 Yes Yes Yes V-shaped Yes Yes Yes  

  1. From 1984 to 1995 the Eagnas EAG-700 stringing machine was equipped with the plastic stopper side supports. Since 1996 the Eagnas EAG-700 has been upgraded to have the V-shaped side supports.

  2. The EAG-700Le model is less expensive model than the EAG-700 model. The EAG-700Le model does not have the Quick Set & Release Head Clamping System and the disc brake system.