Heavy-duty stainless steel swivel clamp

PN-1004 heavy-duty badminton and squash swivel clamp, made of stainless steel materials

  • Badminton swivel clamp
  • Diamond-coated
  • Easy to adjust
  • Secure any string
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel mechanism increases life.
  • For all the Eagnas stringing machines with dual-action swivel clamp feature
  • 1 piece/card

Which stringing machines have the heavy-duty stainless steel swivel clamps?

Vendor Stringing Machine Models
Babolat: Optional tool for Star II, Star 3, Star 4
Eagnas: Eagnas Flash 930, Flash 960, Flash 965, Smart 707, Smart 808, Smart 850, Smart 909, Smart 3000, Smart 3000T, Smart 4000, Smart 5000, Smart 6000, Smart 6000T