String Cross II

String Cross II (String Saver II)

  • Teflon inserts to be placed between the main and cross strings for maximum string longevity.
  • These clever devices lock your strings in position to prolong their life
  • Reduces mains and crosses friction
  • Prevent the string from notching
  • Resist string movement
  • Kills vibration
  • Extend the string life
  • Easy to install
  • 100 Teflon inserts and fixing tool
  • 1 Piece/card
  • Colors: Black, Blue, Red, White
  • Price: $4.95 each     Member Price: $3.95 each

Operating Procedure:

1. Use a strung racquet.
2. Insert the tip of the tool under the cross string. Push down the tool to lift up the cross string.
3. Slide the activator to push one Teflon insert out of the tool. The Teflon insert will be placed between the main and cross strings.
4. Lift up the tool and remove it out of the strings.