Linear ball bearing string gripper

All-metal diamond-coated, linear ball bearing, rotational string gripper

  • All metal
  • Linear ball bearing
  • Diamond-coated
  • Make stringing much easier and faster.
  • No crimp or damage to any string
  • No muscle needed.
  • One hand operation, no need to use two hands.
  • Easy to grip the string

Operating Procedure:

1.  Place the string into the string gripper.
2.  Use the right hand to hold the string at about a right angle to the string gripper.
3.  Use the finger of the right hand to press the tension switch once. The linear ball bearing string gripper will grip the string while the electronic tension head pulls the string.
4.  After the string gripper grips the string, the right hand could release the string.
5.  Then let the electronic tension head pulls the string by itself until the electronic tension head stop pulling. When the correct tension is reached, the electronic tension head stops the tension pulling. This means that the correct tension is reached.