Spring-assisted swivel clamp base

Spring-assisted swivel clamp base:

  • Much easier to use and no muscle needed.
  • Just need one-eighth turn to lock and release the base.

Which stringing machines have the spring-assisted swivel clamp base?

Vendor Stringing Machine Models
Babolat: Star II, Star 3, Star 4
Maxline: Eagnas Challenger I, EAG-90 II, Flash 930, Flash 960, Hawk 880, King 3115H, Neon 21, Neon CX, Neon CX21, Neon CXS, Neon JX21, Pro 2000, Pro 2000S, Pro Crystal, Pro Helper, Pro Helper21, Star HP12, Star J312, Star Y12-3, Smart 707, Smart 808, Smart 850, Smart 909, Smart 3000, Smart 3000T, Smart 4000, Smart 5000, Smart 6000, Smart 6000T

Operating Procedure:

1. Unlock position.
2. Push the handle clockwise about one-eighth turn to lock the base
3. Just push the handle counterclockwise a little bit to release the base.