Electronic tension head

Electronic tension head for Plus series stringing machines:

  • True constant pull tensioning system
  • Linear ball bearing string gripper with roller string guide and tension switch grips the string automatically. There is no string pull or muscle to use. Also no crimp or damage to any string. Easy fingertip to activate the tension pull. See operating procedures.
  • Digital electronic control panel with keypad and LCD digital display
  • Microprocessor controlled, electronic pulling and monitoring system provides the precise tension control and also displays the actual pulling tension.
  • 11-90 pound (4.5-40.9 kilograms) tension range
  • Multiple speed settings for fast and slow pulls
  • Pre-stretch option provides 5% or 10% pre-stretch over the set tension.
  • Knot overtensioning option increases the current tension by 10%. This design is to reduce the amount of tension lost when tying off.
  • Two programmable tension memory bank
  • Unique power selection switch for the desired voltage 100/110V or 220/240V.