Automatic tension System

Automatic tension System for Eagnas stringing machines

  • True automatic tension system
  • Not ratcheted or unidirectional clutch tensioning system .
  • True constant pull and accurate tension
  • Just need one pull at any angle
  • Automatic self lock-in-position tensioner after each pull
  • Fast and easy to operate
  • Make stringing much easier and faster without need to clamp and repull.
  • Grips the string automatically.
  • There is no string pull or muscle to use.
  • No crimp or damage to any string
  • No muscle needed.

Operating Procedure:

1.  Set the desired tension by adjusting the tension weight on the tension arm. Make sure the bottom edge of the tension weight points to the desired tension scale.
2.  Use the right hand to push the tension rod counterclockwise. It will open the string gripper.
3.  Place string into the string gripper.
4.  Or place string around the string gripper as shown.
5.  With the left hand, hold the string at about a right angle to the string gripper.
6.  While the left hand to hold the string gripper and use the right hand to slightly move the tension rod clockwise. The string gripper will grip the string while the tension weight pulls the string. After the string gripper grips the string, the left hand could release the string.
7.  Use the right hand to slowly lower the tension rod clockwise, and to support it all the way down. The tension rod could be at any angle. This means that the correct tension is reached.